Customer Charter for Client Billing - Threefold Systems

Customer Charter for Client Billing

We charge for our time like any development agency.

We need to be able to stand on our own feet and show the value in what we do. By charging, it allows us to properly allocate resources and invest in our people to build their skills.

The Golden Rule

We value our time and the solutions we provide to our clients. When clients invest their time and money in our solutions, those solutions should provide an excellent return on that investment.

Basic Guidelines

  1. When billing for time, always ask yourself:
    1. Does this time provide value to our client?
    2. Was this time spent as efficiently as possible?
    3. Can I justify putting my name to the results?
  2. If we spend time on a client project it means we can’t spend that time elsewhere. Therefore it should be billed to the client
    1. With a few exceptions, see: Checks & Balances, Mistakes & Bug Fixes, and Junior/Inexperienced Developers below
  3. Never start work on a task that doesn’t have an estimate
  4. If time spent on a task exceeds 10% of the estimate you must raise it with the Project Manager who will consult with the client
  5. Project Managers, never assign a task that has not been approved by a client

Checks and Balances

  1. All billable time is reviewed by the lead developer assigned to a project. The lead developer assesses the billable time using the basic guidelines above.
  2. Project Managers monitor tasks to ensure billable time does not exceed estimates by more than 10% without clearing with the client.
  3. At the end of every month, the operations manager reviews all billable time with the PM assigned to each project before it is sent for invoicing.

Time taken to research solutions

From time to time we are asked to provide a solution that we haven’t done before, and our developers may spend some time researching the solution.

In most cases, there’s a fair chance we will be asked to provide the same solution for someone else so we don’t ask our clients to carry the full cost of that research. Depending on the type of solution, and the time taken we will absorb up to 50% of such time*.

Mistakes & Bug Fixes

Where Threefold has made a mistake or delivered something that has unintended consequences, we will endeavour to fix the problem free of charge**

* Where clients want exclusivity on particular features & solutions we may enter into a separate agreement to protect our clients intellectual property.

** Except where the the bug or problem could not have been reasonably anticipated, or where the bug or problem arises as a result of changes made by the client which have not been flagged to us.