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Book a Slot at the Digital Marketing Summit

Use the widget below to reserve some time to talk to us at the Digital Marketing Summit on May 17-18. The conference is being held in the Lord Baltimore hotel. When we have the exact room name and location we’ll let you know.

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Middleware Plugin Webinar

Our Middleware Plugin Webinar covers the features of the plugin and how you can leverage it on your site. Below you’ll find a video recording of the webinar and links to download the presentation materials. Download the Presentation Here Access the plugin documentation here Latest Plugin Versions You can download the latest version of the […]

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Boost conversions on your lead gen pages by 20%

Back in December our friends over at AIM wrote about the results of some tests they ran using the Facebook Login button to populate signup boxes on lead gen pages. In plain English… the user can click a button to sign up without having to type their email address and it increased conversions by 20%. […]

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Rules for Effective Meetings

Meetings are necessary but can be a waste of time. Follow these simple rules and nobody gets hurt. Before Always set an agenda. People need to know why they’re coming to a meeting and what’s going to be discussed. If you’re invited to a meeting that doesn’t have an agenda, ask the organiser to set […]

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The Rock ‘n’ Roll Topic of Web Hosting

Web hosting is probably not the most exciting topic for discussion but it can have a big impact on your business. Choose the wrong option and it could cost you dearly. Get it right and your sites will convert better, retain customers, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex. (That last one may […]

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Launching some awesome new sites…

September & October were busy months for our designers & developers, and we were lucky enough to be asked to work on websites for some of The Agoras new Irish groups. In case you weren’t aware, The Agora has undergone major expansion in Ireland over the past few years. Waterford has been home to International […]

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