Authentication Plugin 1.9

It’s been a while since we talked about the Middleware Plugin and I thought now would be a good time to highlight some new features we’ve added.

Some of these are a little experimental, and we would love to hear from you if you’re interested in helping test them out. The benefit to you will be early access to features that will make yours and your customers experiences better.

Social Login

Logging in can be one of our customers biggest problem areas. They often forget their password (sometimes even their username) as a result they have to go through a password reset (at best), or worse yet, a call to customer service.

The Middleware plugin now has the ability to connect a persons Facebook account with their Advantage login.

Here’s how it works…

The customer clicks a button to login with Facebook… the plugin then tries to find an Advantage login that matches their Facebook details. If a connection can be made they’re automatically logged in and brought to the content they were looking for. So far it only works by trying to match the email address but this works in a large number of cases.

If it can’t find a matching Advantage login, it will just prompt them to log in the regular way.

If you’re interested in trying this out, please let me know.

High Speed Performance Boost and Middleware Cost Savings

When a customer logs in to your site there is at least 1 call to Middleware, and in many cases there are 3 or more. We’ve introduced caching to the plugin, which means that the plugin will store the results of some calls locally so it doesn’t need to keep requesting the same info from Middleware.
This has two effects..

  1. The speed your site will be massively improved for regular users.
  2. The number of calls you make to Middleware will be dramatically reduced, which will save you money on Middleware licensing.

Redesigned Login Templates

We’ve redesigned the default login and forgot password templates to improve user experience (UX) and make them look much better when dropped into a new site.

Don’t worry if you’ve gone to the trouble of customising the templates on your site, they will stay in place and the newly redesigned templates will only kick in if you want them.

There’s tons more bug fixes, and minor updates so if you’re not on the latest version be sure to install it as soon as you can. I hope you’ll find some of these features useful, and as always if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

You can access the latest versions of the Middleware plugins here:

Base Plugin
Authentication Plugin