WordPress Plugin Development

Our clients are always looking for ways to leverage existing technology to improve their customers journey. One area where some of our clients have focused on was improving access to customer service. In particular leveraging their web sites and mobile applications to provide featured customer self-service functionality.

The Brief

Build an integration between our client’s WordPress website and their CRM that would allow customers to carry out an number of core high volume self-service tasks, including:

  1. Update online account information
  2. Update contact and address information
  3. Subscribe to new services/publications and renew existing subscriptions
  4. Update email notification preferences
  5. View and download current and historical payment information

The Solution

To deliver on the brief, we built out a WordPress plugin that fully integrated with the client’s CRM system (via API) that allows a logged in customer to access and update their key account information. The plugin also actively alerts the user if one of their subscriptions is approaching renewal and provides them with a low friction way to take up the renewal. In addition the plugin can apply business logic to suggest other subscriptions the customer may be interested in and can be configured to present them with a special offer to entice them to purchase additional products.

The success of the plugin was demonstrated by a measurable reduction in calls to customer service lines resulting in an ongoing cost saving.