Magento Shopping Cart

Project Background

Our client for this project was Omni Vista Health (OVH), an alternative health company that sells health supplements via several different channels. OVH wanted two new Magento Ecommerce websites — one for their Dr. Pescatore brand, and another for their second brand, Dr. Micozzi. Both sites were to be set up on new domains — for the Dr Pescatore ecommerce site and for Dr Micozzi.

OVH wanted to move from their existing ecommerce system which was extremely limited in terms of features and flexibility. However, the new Magento sites would need to seamlessly integrate with a centralized CRM system, as the previous ecommerce site did.

Project Challenges

Every new Magento ecommerce project requires a lot of planning, thought and experience with Magento to achieve the client’s goals, however there were a couple of additional challenges that are worth mentioning:

Tight Deadline

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to complete it within a very specific, and short, deadline. Phase one of this project was to build the ecommerce site in time to coincide with a book launch for Dr. Pescatore, which was expected to drive a lot of new traffic to their site.

Systems Integration

OVH is part of a bigger group of companies that use a centralized CRM to manage customers, inventory and payments. The Magento website needed to integrate seamlessly with this system.

Payment Processing

Orders and payment information needed to be taken in Magento and then closed in the CRM. This required a payment gateway integration with deferred payments through Vantiv (Litle & Co).

Our Solution

Our solution was based on the latest Magento shopping cart software (Version 2.1.2 at time of writing).

We collaborated with OVH to get a clear understanding of their requirements at the beginning of the project and communicated regularly throughout the project, updating them on the status, and sharing the progress at each step of the way.

Multi-site Architecture

We set up a single instance of Magento with two websites in Magento, as OVH required two domains with two separate catalogues and two different designs. The advantage of this was that the two websites could have completely different products, a different design and a unique domain, yet still be handled through the same admin area.

Magento Features and Functionality

Magento core functionality addressed many of the required features with a few minor modifications. We implemented the following Magento features, as requested by OVH:

  • Shop by Attribute
  • Coupon Codes
  • Tiered Pricing
  • ‘Auto Ship’ Functionality
  • Cross-sell Capability in Cart

Custom Modules

We built custom modules to handle the functionality and requirements unique to OVH, including the following:

  • Vantiv (Litle & Co) Integration with deferred payments
  • OSM Integration – Feeding orders to the CRM
  • CRM Integration – Connecting to the CRM via a REST API layer for two-way customer data communication
  • Inventory and product updates – Retrieve inventory and product data from the CRM
  • Transactional emails – Send transactional (order confirmation) emails via a separate messaging system

The Outcome

Our planning, experience and regular communication with the client paid off and we met the tight deadline requirements, while also delivering all the required functionality and features.

Increased Sales

Our client’s sales have tripled since the site launched, mainly due to the increased traffic from the book launch and media attention garnered by Dr. Pescatore. The site handled the increase in traffic and sales effortlessly and provided a much better experience for customers.

Flexible Marketing, Promotion and Conversion Tools

OVH were delighted with Magento’s wide range of tools that give them flexibility to run promotions, test offers and optimize the site’s performance, allowing them to improve conversion rates and further increase sales over the long term.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our client’s customers can now browse their product catalogs and choose to buy any number or combination of products, improving customer confidence and increasing sales and return visits.

Overall, the project was very successful and we continue to work with OVH to support the site and add improvements and features as they need, and request them.