Launching some awesome new sites…

September & October were busy months for our designers & developers, and we were lucky enough to be asked to work on websites for some of The Agoras new Irish groups.

In case you weren’t aware, The Agora has undergone major expansion in Ireland over the past few years. Waterford has been home to International Living for almost 2 decades, Threefold and Agora Integrated Marketing set up shop in Ireland’s oldest city in 2015. In addition to these groups, two more organisations have emerged to support the Irish and international businesses…


APSI, or Agora Publishing Services Ireland is an extension of Publishing Services in Baltimore. They provide operational support and training in the systems that the many international businesses rely on every day.

The biggest challenge facing many of our businesses these days is attracting good people. The goal for this project was to build a web presence for job seekers, to show-case the staff, and portray APSI as a fun and vibrant place to work.  Our design team worked with multiple stakeholders to define the message, wireframe several designs and integrate the existing branding, logos, and colour scheme. We also facilitated some professional photography to reinforce the goal of showing APSI as an attractive workplace.

A special thank you to all stakeholders: Allison Benson O’Brien, Daisy Smith, Emma Reynolds, Jackie Flynn, and  Tony Browne. Wishing APSI lots of success for the future.

Woodlock Services

Woodlock ServicesWith the addition of all these new international businesses comes the need to support them and their employees. Woodlock Services provides centralised administrative functions like HR, recruitment, and accounting to the Irish entities and beyond.

Similar to APSI, the goal of the Woodlock Services website was to raise awareness of the organisation and provide a platform to attract new employees. This site highlights the culture and environment at The Agora companies and simplifies the slightly complex relationship between the various groups.

Our process for this project was similar to the others: 1) Define the goal for the project 2) Identify the target personas 3) Produce designs & content that align with 1 & 2.  Our design team produced several wireframe designs, the best one was chosen and from there we created a more detailed design concept. By starting with low-fidelity wireframes, we keep costs low, while still giving stakeholders visible results in a short timeframe.

Woodlock House

Woodlock HouseAnyone who’s been to The Agora campus in Baltimore knows that Agora doesn’t do offices like most companies, and the international hub in Waterford is no different. Built in 1864, and fully renovated in 2016, Woodlock house is home to International Living, Woodlock Services, Walden Publishing, APSI, Emerald Contact Center, and soon Pathfinder International.

As Woodlock house the main campus for The Agora businesses in Ireland and it’s steeped in history it was felt the “campus” needed it’s own web presence simply to showcase it as a property and strengthen the image as an attractive place to work.

Looking to the Future
Each of the sites above have analytics (as you would expect) and advanced UX tracking tools installed so their owners can ensure the goals are being met and ROI is maximized.

We’ve enjoyed working on these sites since they were a slight departure from the usual publishing style sites we’re asked to build and we look forward to working with them going forward to realize their full potential as the businesses grow.