Rules for Effective Meetings

Guide for effective meetings

Meetings are necessary but can be a waste of time. Follow these simple rules and nobody gets hurt.


  1. Always set an agenda. People need to know why they’re coming to a meeting and what’s going to be discussed. If you’re invited to a meeting that doesn’t have an agenda, ask the organiser to set one.
  2. Book a meeting room and double check that it’s reserved
  3. Be mindful of the time zone for all attendees and when is convenient for them. e.g. Try not to book a meeting when people are generally having lunch.
    1. Related: Make sure to include appropriate phone numbers if people are dialling in from other countries.
  4. Review the agenda before the meeting and make sure you are prepared, especially if it’s a follow up meeting and you have been asked to do something


  1. Show up on time. Inability to use calendar software is not an excuse
  2. Bring pen and paper, or something to take notes. If you don’t you will be asked to leave.
  3. Be present. This means paying attention, and engaging with the discussion. If you’re in the room, you’re expected to contribute
  4. Stay on topic
  5. Finish on time.


  1. Review your notes and make sure to follow up on any action items
  2. If you’re unclear about anything, ask the group