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Software Engineer In-Test

You are a junior to mid software engineer or test automation engineer with an interest in furthering your career in software development and test automation. You believe that test automation is not just about writing test scripts, but designing and building robust testing solutions that have the ability to scale with the application(s) that it is supporting. You also believe quality is the responsibility of the full team, and you are opinionated on how to get a team there. You have a good understanding of the full stack from JavaScript (Vue or React), to API’s and SOA (C# or Node.js, Docker, Microservices) to Databases (SQL and NoSQL). You are looking for a job that will allow you to build test automation suites, but also move towards a software engineer role as you progress in your career.
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Some of the technical skills required for this role...

  • 2+ Years experience working as either a test automation engineer, a frontend or backend engineer, or a combination of both.
  • Experience writing React/Vue on the frontend, or C#/Node.js on the backend a distinct advantage.
  • Experience with BDD a distinct advantage.
  • Experience with RobotFramework, Selenium, Cypress or some other test automation framework essential.
  • Experience working with software in the cloud (AWS, GCP or Azure), hands on experience using the AWS/Azure console and cli a distinct advantage.
  • Knowledge and experience working in a Continuous Deployment environment and opinionated on how to structure quality and testing in this environment.

Some of the non-technical skills required…

  • 2+ years working in Agile teams applying proper Scrum or Kanban practices.  Strong understanding of your responsibilities in a scrum team is a must.
  • Experience in a continuous delivery or deployment environment, including any toolchain to enable this. Ours is Bitbucket, Docker, Bamboo, Openshift but any will do.
  • A willingness to split your time between writing and shipping test automation and application code.
  • Experience working in a DevOps environment an advantage.
  • A real interest in understanding the problem domain, digging deep to get to the meat of the problem and understanding how your work affects the end user.
  • Ability to work with others, strong team building and collaboration skills are required.
  • A strong willingness to learn: be it new tech to enhance a story or user experience, or delving deeper into other systems of the Agora.
  • Experience working in marketing, publishing or funnel based software an advantage.

Would you like to…

  • Further your career in a Global company working with some of the most innovative minds and tools in the industry?
  • Work with clients to bring solutions to life and which solve business challenges?
  • Work with the latest development tools and technologies?
  • Work in a team that respects feedback and honesty?
  • Have a lot of fun doing it?

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