Case Study

Redesigning the Agora Companies

The Agora Companies are a group of more than 40 media businesses around the world. We worked with them to redesign their current website so that it promoted them as a great place to work and which served to increase the number of recruits coming from their website.

Services provided.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Technology

A bit of background.

The goal of the project was to make it easier for the wider market to understand who The Agora companies were, how they worked, and what made them different from the mainstream. We wanted to create a website that solved all of the problems of the previous website but which also provided the Agora Companies team with something they could be proud of sharing. We had a few high-level goals we wanted to achieve:

  • To make it easier for people to understand the global brand of The Agora Companies
  • To promote them as a great place to work worldwide
  • To increase the number of recruits coming from the website
  • To improve how the website is perceived among other Agora companies so that they were compelled to put their own information on the website
  • To have a website that was both scalable and durable

Our approach.

In order to get an understanding of both the challenges and goals that 'The Agora Companies' wanted to address, our team of designers, developers and project managers worked closely with the Agora team. This collaborative approach allowed us to ideate, test and develop a solution that best suited the needs of the company. To this end, the Threefold team lead both the design and development efforts of the website, with the Agora communications team working seamlessly alongside us in the content creation process. Our approach included:

  • We performed user research and identified areas for opportunities
  • We designed both low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes
  • We tested and validated the designs against the specified goals
  • We developed and deployed the website
“We're very happy with the Threefold team and what they did for us - thank you!"

The results.

The redesign of the Agora Companies website had a hugely positive impact in terms of supporting the business to achieve its goals. But more importantly, it became a source of inspiration for people working within the group of Agora Companies. Below are just a few of the measured results:

  • People are now 42% more likely to find information on the site
  • Ease of finding the right content increased by 42%
  • Subscriptions increased by 3%
  • A noticeable increase in new applications from the website

For confidentiality reasons, we have excluded the actual values for the above metrics.

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