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Mobile App Development

Mobile devices have quickly become an essential part of our daily lives. Thus leveraging mobile apps gives us the opportunity to reach new customers and deliver our content with a rich user experience.

We believe that when considering a mobile app, you need to weigh up the value it will deliver. i.e. What will it do that a good mobile optimized website won’t do?

We see four key advantages that a mobile app will bring:

  1. Functionality – Mobile apps can access features on the mobile device like the address book, camera, and sensors such as fingerprint readers etc
  2. Speed – Native apps can run faster as web-based apps require more round trips to a server to fetch content and elements of the user interface.
  3. Focus – Apps really come into their own when they help users to complete clearly defined tasks. E-learning apps are a good example where content meets task.
  4. Attention – Push notifications give Mobile apps the added advantage of being able to actively draw a users attention to your message.

At Threefold, we have built cross platform mobile applications that integrate with existing content management systems. This means that content can be updated in one place and automatically fed out to the clients iOS and Android mobile applications.