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Website Development

Our talented team of front-end designers and developers can produce beautiful, user-friendly websites.

We have years of experience in the web design space, and have produced websites for clients from all around the globe in a wide variety of fields.

We can work closely with your marketing team, or our partners in Agora Integrated Marketing (AIM) to ensure your site is fully in line with your business goals.

Whether you need a brand new website from scratch or simply have some outdated pages in need of a facelift, we’ll work with you to develop the perfect solution for your specific requirements. When designing a website, we truly listen to your needs and business goals to produce world-class sites that align with your brand and marketing style.

We’ll also use the web design best practices that our developers have perfected over the years to ensure your site is easy to use and navigate.

Our clients always feel engaged and confident that any websites we develop will reflect all the best parts of their business in a smooth, functional manner.

Examples of our work:

Banyan Hill (right) is a lead-gen and fulfilment site for one of Agora’s US based financial affiliates. We worked closely with the team in Banyan Hill to define goals & requirements and turn them into reality. This is an example of a clean functional news style site where design brings focus to the wealth of content. Shortly after launch the site underpinned a record breaking sales drive.

Chateau de Courtomer (Left) is an example of a brochure site for a destination venue. The chateau hosts events like weddings, conferences, and private parties. This site has helped them attract new clients and grow their business.

14 West (Right) supports Agora affiliates with HR, finance, information security, legal services and more. This site is their public facing voice, used for communicating with current, and prospective employees.